The sequence editor is an easy to use tool for automating FarmBot operations. However, advanced users who are familiar with computer programming concepts may opt for a more advanced interface. For these users, we provide several methods to insert Lua code fragments directly into sequences:

Lua commands

Using a Lua command is the most straightforward and universal way to use Lua in your sequences. With the Lua command, you can execute up to 3000 characters worth of code - enough to operate FarmBot’s motors, sensors, peripherals, and camera, and even use 3rd party APIs.

Assertion commands

The Assertion command also allows for long-form Lua code execution as well as the ability to execute a subsequence or abort execution depending on the return. (Learn more).


You can also execute Lua by using the formula option in a Move command’s OVERRIDE or X, Y, Z input fields. This option is generally best for short-form code that only deals with positioning.

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