The intended audience for this document is employees of FarmBot, Inc. It outlines a number of tasks and features of the FarmBot Web App that are available to server administrators. Administrators of self-hosted servers may also find this document useful.

Using the Rails console

Enter the following command to start the Rails console.

heroku run rails console --app=farmbot-staging

Creating customer support tokens

Server admins can create admin tokens to remotely assist users when requested.

  • From the Rails console, type puts Device.find($DEVICE_ID).help_customer
  • Paste the resulting code into the Javascript console of a browser while using the web app.
  • Refresh the page.
  • Visit /terminal for device shell access if needed.

Publishing a featured sequence

Not all sequences can be directly published from a web app account because of security restrictions. The web app offers a way for administrators to publish sequences that are not restricted in this way.

  • Log into the web app using the account specified by the AUTHORIZED_PUBLISHER environment variable.
  • Create a sequence as usual.
  • Run heroku run rake sequence:publish --app=farmbot-staging.
  • Enter the sequence ID you wish to publish from the list of available options.