Gets a curve object by its ID which can then be used to get the curve value for a given day, usually based on a plant’s current age. Properties of the curve object include:

  • name - The curve’s name
  • type - The curve’s type (water, spread, or height)
  • unit - The curve’s unit (mL for water curves or mm for spread and height curves)
  • day(number) - The curve’s value for the given day, eg:

Manually find a curve’s ID by navigating to the curve in the web app and copying the number at the end of the URL.

-- Get curve by its ID
curve = get_curve(123)

-- Display curve value and units for day 10
day = 10
toast("The " .. curve.type .. " on day " .. day .. " is " .. .. curve.unit)

A plant’s curve IDs can be retrieved from the water_curve_id, spread_curve_id, and height_curve_id properties of the plant object.

-- Get plant from sequence variable
local plant = variable("Plant")

if plant.water_curve_id then
    -- Get water curve from plant
    local water_curve = get_curve(plant.water_curve_id)

    -- Get water amount in mL from curve for the plant's current age
    local water_ml =

    -- Display how much to water the plant today
    local days_old = " (" .. plant.age .. " days old)"
    toast( .. days_old .. " should be watered " .. water_ml .. "mL")
    toast("Plant has no assigned water curve.", "warn")