Sends a log with type debug.

debug("This just happened")

send_message(type, message, channels?)

Sends a message to the logs channel and optionally as a toast, email, or as synthesized spoken word.

  • The first required parameter is the log type, which must be one of the following string values: assertion, busy, debug, error, fun, info, success, warn.
  • The second required parameter is the message, which may be either a string or a number.
  • The third parameter is optional and can be a single string or an array of strings. The strings must be one of the following available channels: toast, email, espeak.
-- Send an error message to the default logs channel:
send_message("error", "Movement failed.")

-- Send a success message to the logs channel and by email:
send_message("success", "You've got mail!", "email")

-- Send a message to the logs channel and multiple other channels:
send_message("info", "All systems running.", {"toast", "espeak"})

-- Compose and send a more complex message:
local position = get_xyz()
local message = "Movement failed. " ..
                "The FarmBot is currently at (" ..
                position.x .. ", " ..
                position.y .. ", " ..
                position.z ..
                ") and is not moving."
send_message("error", message, {"toast", "email"})

toast(message, type?)

Sends a message as a toast notification and to the logs channel. Defaults to type info if no type is given.

-- Send a toast notification:
toast("This is a toast")


-- Send a toast notification with a different type:
toast("I'll cheers to that", "success")