This document is intended for software developers. For end-user documentation, please see the Web App User Documentation

The FarmBot web app’s user interface is a single page application that allows users to control a FarmBot remotely. It supports editing of sequences, regimens, events, a virtual garden map, and much more.

At a glance

Useful developer utilities

  • Get the current Redux store state from the browser’s Javascript console.
  • window.current_bot The current FarmBot instance created by FarmBot JS from the browser’s Javascript console.
  • sudo docker-compose run web npm run typecheck Runs the TypeScript type checker against the codebase in your terminal. Pull requests can not be accepted unless this step passes.
  • sudo docker-compose run web npm run test Runs unit tests to prevent regressions. This check must pass for a pull request to be accepted.


How do I update or add translations?

Thanks for your interest in internationalizing the FarmBot web app! To add translations:

  1. Fork the repo
  2. Navigate to /public/app-resources/languages and run the command node _helper.js yy where yy is your language’s language code. Eg: ru for Russian.
  3. Edit the translations in the file created in the previous step: "phrase": "translated phrase".
  4. When you have updated or added new translations, commit/push your changes and submit a pull request.

My code is generating a “content security warning”

The web app implements a content security policy to prevent certain types of security violations, such as cross-site scripting and token theft. Unfortunately, this means that some code may not execute as intended. Please raise an issue if you have any questions.