The REST API is relatively uniform in how it handles resources. There are some exceptions, however.

Tool slots, points, and plants

All tool_slots, plants and points fall under the same API endpoint: /api/points

Bulk deletion of points

Unlike many other API endpoints, the points endpoint supports bulk deletion. It is possible to delete many point resources in one request by separating many point IDs with a comma. Example:


Filtering archived points

When points are deleted, it is still possible to view them for 2 months after the time of deletion. This is useful for tools relating to weeding and historical records.

The /api/points/ endpoint supports a special ?filter= query parameter. There are three options for this parameter:

  • ?filter=all returns archived and active points.
  • ?filter=old only returns archived points.
  • ?filter=kept only returns active (not-archived) points. This is the default behavior for index (/api/points) endpoint.