Trying to install FarmBot OS onto the microSD card?

Please see the consumer software documentation for help.

FarmBot OS is written in Elixir. It uses the Nerves Framework to compile the source code into a single binary image and also handle low-level details such as cross-compilation and driver management. It communicates with the Web App via HTTP and AMQP.

Building FarmBot OS from source

This project is written in the programming language Elixir and built using the Nerves Project framework.

Before you begin

You will need a x64 bit non Windows machine to build FarmBot OS from source. We suggest the latest OSX or Ubuntu LTS.


Farmbot OS now bundles and builds the Arduino Firmware. This is bundled as a git submodule. To initialize the repository you can choose to do one of: git clone --recursive or

git clone
git submodule update --init --recursive

Installing dependencies

If you have the above set up you will need the following software dependencies. Following this guide will get you mostly setup.

Dependency Info
Erlang Required
Elixir Required
Nerves Bootstrapper Required
GNU Make + GCC Required
Git Required
Arduino Required. You can do one of:
* Set the ARDUINO_INSTALL_DIR environment variable

* Execute .circleci/
Python Optional
opencv-python Optional

What’s next?